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Dr. Jack Nasser

Dr. Jack Nasser is an accomplished academic innovator and distinguished professor and administrator, as well as the CEO and founder of a consulting/executive coaching firm. Dr. Nasser has worked in both the private and public sectors in his specialization of Strategic Management and Finance and uses his experiences to bring “real life examples” to his students.


Dr. Nasser is also an appointed/trained Malcolm Baldrige Examiner for the National Quality Award given by the President of the United States through the Department of Commerce.


Dr. Nasser has worked at every level in higher education from certificate to doctoral programs to both domestic and international students. Dr. Nasser has a vast experience in program development and accreditation processes.


Dr. Nasser also is a multilingual world traveler who considers himself a world citizen. He enjoys bridging the gap between theory and practice from the classroom to the boardroom. The biggest reward for him is to see his students grow and develop and accomplish their goals.